Greene Co. residents notice more wide-load trucks moving through

By Gary Scott on November 12, 2015 at 7:23am

Route 67 in Roodhouse.

What’s the deal with all the large truck traffic in Greene County lately?

WLDS-WEAI News received a tip that there was regular oversized loads rolling through on Route 67 over the course of the last month. Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen said the trucks were coming through at least six times a day pulling trailers with large pipes.

We asked Roodhouse Mayor Tom Martin yesterday about the traffic, and he explained the traffic was going from Granite City to Riggston for construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which will run oil from the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota and have a junction in Illinois.

Martin says the runs through the county ended last week.

“I love it, I wish they’d run year-round. The convenience stores made out on it, we don’t sell diesel fuel, but we sold a lot of cigarettes, candy, soda, sandwiches, it was great,” says Martin. “We probably have upwards of 50 DOT Foods trucks here every day and it’s great, too. We’ll take all the traffic we can get through here.”

Sheriff McMillen says there have been no traffic accidents or complaints of reckless driving, and the trucks appeared to safely move their cargo through the county.