Greene named new President of Burrus Brothers & Associated Growers

By Gary Scott on February 6, 2018 at 12:18pm

One of the area’s largest agriculture and seed businesses is announcing the appointment of their new President.

Burrus Brothers & Associated Growers is announcing that Tim Greene has been appointed as the new President after being elected by the company’s board elected him to succeed former President and Greene’s father-in-law Tom Burrus, who passed away in October.

Now that he’s taken over the responsibilities of president, Greene looks back on his longstanding history with the company.

“I’ve been with Burrus 26 years full-time, and I actually started de-tasseling when I was 13 years old. So I’ve been around the business a long time and I’m humbled to carry on the tradition that Burrus has established,” Greene says.

Having worked under his late father-in-law for many years, Greene says he hopes to carry on the lessons he learned from Tom Burrus in his new role.

“Probably the most important thing was that he cared for our growers, the folks who put their trust in us and in our company. We’re fortunate to have an outstanding team of experts available to provide advice and service to our growers, but it’s really those growers that we appreciate, who value our independence, the things that we’re trying to do in providing choice in the industry. Tom (Burrus) valued that, and he took that to heart every day,” says Greene.

Greene explains the goals that Burrus Hybrids has set for itself, and the expectations he brings as the new President.

“Our goal is to continue to provide that independent voice. Our industry has seen a lot of consolidation, and there’s more is on the way. So I think being that stable force for the growers, continuing to grow upon the legacy, and being established in 1935, there’s always been the questions of ‘is there a place for the independent voice in the seed industry?’ We’ve continued to move forward and advance with technology and offerings to the growers in our footprint, and that’s going to continue,” Greene says.

A family-owned business since its founding in 1935, Burrus Hybrids is a land-based corn, soybean and alfalfa seed company with a multi-brand strategy provided seed products for growers in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.