Harassment claims regarding Carrollton Police Chief taken to City Council

By Ryne Turke on February 16, 2015 at 1:06pm

A lifelong Carrollton resident is complaining about perceived harassment by Carrollton’s police chief.

Roberta Lockhart informed the Carrolton City Council of her troubles during a city council meeting last Tuesday.

Lockhart says the trouble started on January 3rd, when a neighbor allegedly exposed himself. She adds there were multiple people next door yelling obscenities towards her during the incident. Lockhart says she contacted police about the matter, but no charges were issued.

On January 5th, Lockhart expressed her concerns to Greene County State’s Attorney Caleb Briscoe.

“He said that would be considered indecent expose and he would have to talk to the Carrollton Police Department.  He said he would get back to me, but he never called me back,” says Lockhart.

Lockhart says there have been several other alleged incidents of harassment from neighbors, including being insulted at the Carrollton IGA, property damage to her front lawn and allegedly trying to poison her dog.

Lockhart says no police reports have been filed for these incidents either.

She says she was recently confronted by police chief Kenny Kallal, who has held the position for two years, outside of her residence.

“Chief Kallal came to my house and my neighbors house and called us both out into the road,” says Lockhart.

“He shook his finger at us and said that If we get one more phone call from either one of you we will take you both to jail.”

On February 6th, Lockhart says she went to City Hall to put her name on the agenda to speak. Shortly after, Lockhart claims the Carrollton Police Department gave her a notice of violation for garbage and trash. Lockhart says she has her own trash pickup service and says she got the notice for several cardboard boxes.

Lockhart says she contacted the Illinois State Police, but they informed her “they didn’t want to deal with small town cops”. Lockhart says she has nowhere left to turn.

“I told them I was sick and tired of this harassment and could someone please help me. He will really be after me and I live my life in fear,” says Lockhart.

We left a voicemail with Kallal on Friday, but it went unreturned. He was quoted in a Greene County newspaper as having declined to comment during last week’s city council meeting.