HealthLink issues statement following our Christmas Eve story

By Gary Scott on December 29, 2015 at 1:09pm

We had spoken to Steven Whitton, a Jacksonville resident who recently started receiving new treatment for breast cancer.

Whitton told us he received a call from officials at Simmons Cancer Institute in Springfield, where he had been receiving treatment, on Wednesday of last week and was told the treatments scheduled for January 11th were being canceled, and that similar phone calls were being made to those who had Health Link insurance through the State of Illinois.

Whitton told us the cancer institute employee said treatments were being canceled because the State of Illinois has not paid for months.

In a statement, Deborah Wiethop, the public relations director for Health Link, told WLDS-WEAI News: “HealthLink is committed to ensuring members experience as little disruption as possible during this time, and at this point, our members’ health plans are still effective and no changes have been made, therefore any scheduled services should continue as planned, and any previously approved pre-certifications on file will be accepted.

“There has been no change in the coverage or the benefits of our members’ plans. Current health plans are still effective, and the predetermined benefit tiers, co-pays, and payment terms have not changed.      HealthLink will continue to pay incoming claims for members on behalf of the state for as long as possible until a new budget is put in place.”