Highway Renamed For Fallen Officer

By Benjamin Cox on March 3, 2017 at 3:47pm

State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer and State Senator Sam McCann spoke today at a ceremony, re-naming a part of Highway 267 after Officer Scot Fitzgerald, who lost his life in the line of duty last year.

Highway 267 from Nortonville Road to Interstate 72 will now be known as Officer Scot Fitzgerald Memorial Highway.

Representative Davidsmeyer said Fitzgerald was one of the good ones.

“Being here to dedicate this road, means we lost one of the good ones. We lost a father. We lost a husband. We lost a son. We lost a brother. We lost a friend. We lost a volunteer and a public servant. This weekend will mark a year since Francis Scot Fitzgerald’s official end of watch, so it was only fitting for us to come out today and honor his sacrifice.”

Senator McCann said Fitzgerald’s life was a perfect example for everyone.

“If myself and my colleagues here in the senate would emulate this man’s life, If my colleagues across the way in the other chamber would emulate this man’s life, if everybody in this building would emulate this man’s life, if everybody in this county would emulate this man’s life, if everybody in this state and nation would just emulate this man’s life, what an amazing and different world it would be. Scot Fitzgerald did more for mankind in his very few short years, than most of us could ever do in a lifetime. We thank him and his family for that. It is an honor to be here with you today. We can remember him by looking at the sign, but we can honor him by leading a lifetime of service, as he did.”

Fitzgerald’s wife Dani said his favorite thing to do was to help people.

“His favorite thing to do was helping people and that is what made him such an incredible human being. I know Scot would not like all the fuss, cause that wasn’t him, but he would be so humble and appreciative to everything you guys have done for us. This last year has been very difficult for all of us. Each and everyone of you has helped and supported and done a lot for all of us. I know Scot would be more than thankful that you have been there. I just want to say I appreciate that you guys have all come together to dedicate this road in his honor.”

Dani said when their children grow up, they will know how good a person Fitzgerald was when they see the sign and know people came together to honor his life.