IL Community College System Sees Over 5% Enrollment Increase For Spring

By Benjamin Cox on March 14, 2024 at 11:18am

Spring enrollment at Illinois Community Colleges increased for the second straight year system-wide.

Opening Spring 2024 enrollment increased by 5.1 percent from the previous spring according to the Illinois Community College Board’s Spring Enrollment report released today.

Enrollment growth at Illinois’ community colleges continues to outpace national growth which shows a 2.6 percent increase from 2023 according to the most recent national data. The 2024 Spring Enrollment Report shows the second Spring-to-Spring semester increase in the last five years. It’s also the third largest enrollment increase in nearly 15 years.

Locally, Lincoln Land Community College saw an over 10% increase, with a more than 500-student increase in its enrollment this year. John Wood Community College saw a 3.8% increase, with a jump of about 70 more students from last year. Lewis & Clark saw an increase of about 300 students from Spring-to-Spring headcounts, amounting to a 6.2% bump. All three colleges saw at least a 6% increase in enrollments in dual credit high school students this Spring.