Illinois River water level breaks record high in Meredosia

By Ryne Turke on July 1, 2015 at 1:33pm

Image of water levels from Meredosia

The Illinois River water level in Meredosia has officially surpassed the record high established 72 years ago.

The National Weather Service listed the Illinois River along Meredosia at 28.74 feet this morning, breaking the previous record of 28.7 feet.

Morgan County Emergency Services Disaster Agency Director Phil McCarty says the record further complicates the issues Meredosia has dealt with the past few days.

“It is probably going to continue to be an issue for the next week until we get back down to the 25 or 26 foot range. There is a lot of water here and saturation of the levee,” says McCarty.

McCarty did have some good news to extend to residents in the area.

“The levee looked better than I personally expected to see this morning. I am very happy with the work we have done to hold the levee. Mother Nature is in charge here though, not me,” says McCarty.

The forecast shows a chance of rainfall in Meredosia through Friday night and McCarty believes any amount of precipitation will have an impact on the levee.

“Right now we are scheduled to be at 28.71 through the 4th of July. Additional precipitation will obviously change that,” says McCarty.

McCarty says several Meredosia residents have left town, but each was on a voluntary basis.

McCarty says he hasn’t been informed of any levee failures in the area. He adds that towns along the Illinois River “are in the same boat” monitoring the river.