Investigation continuing into alleged missing Carrollton tickets

By Gary Scott on August 24, 2015 at 2:15pm

A Greene County board member is leading the charge into an investigation of alleged mishandling of city funds in Carrollton.

Luke Lamb, who started the Greene County Watchdogs group, put out a call in early July to have anyone who has received a citation from the Carrollton Police Department in the last three years, including city ordinance tickets or Illinois citations, to get in contact with the group.

Lamb says the group has submitted Freedom of Information Act requests for city ordinance tickets that have come in through the Carrollton PD, and discovered that there are 25 missing tickets. He says there were several dozen more that were missing that were found during the course of the investigation.

Former police chief Kenny Kallal was placed on administrative leave at the end of May by the Carrollton City Council. Earlier in the month, City Clerk Ryan Scott reportedly launched an investigation into the police department after the apparent disappearance of ordinance violation funds.

Lamb could only offer speculation for why there are more than half-a-dozen missing tickets.

“A lot of these tickets have ‘directly see the chief between this time and this time,’ and some of them even have the chief’s personal cell phone number on them. Some of these tickets have ‘pay by cash or money order only’. There’s real strange things,” says Lamb.

“But I don’t know if it could be that the chief’s buddy got a ticket and he didn’t think his buddy needed a ticket and just threw them away, or if they’re coming and they’re paying these tickets, and the cash is being kept, and the tickets are, again, being thrown in the trash can. We just don’t know at this point, because we’re limited by our FOIA [ability],” he continues.

Lamb says currently, the watchdog group is in the process of contacting the people who were issued the tickets. He says the group is coordinating with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and new Police Chief Mike McCartney.

“They couldn’t be more helpful, and I think they’re kind of pinched right now. I’d just as soon have them making these phone calls to these people that have been pulled over, but I think we have to get a hold of these people ourselves and confirm how they paid before the police departments will take over for us,” Lamb says.

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