ISIS poster angers Greene Co. community members

By Gary Scott on January 20, 2016 at 7:11am

A sign put up by students at a Greene County high school encouraging people to sign up for the notorious terrorist group ISIS is ruffling feathers.

Several pictures of the sign, which says “Sign Up 4 ISIS Today”, have been sent to WLDS-WEAI News in the last few days. The sign was apparently displayed at the Lady Spartan Classic basketball tournament at North Greene High School over the weekend.

North Greene Superintendent Lawrence Coultas says the sign was part of a high school sociology class for students who were told to come up with a project they knew would have negative comments and reaction, and to record those reactions.

“They were to, basically, address the negative issue, write the comments and reactions they got from people and report how people were impacted by that particular situation. A couple students picked a project that, quite frankly, was not a good choice,” he explains.

“They did have a disclaimer saying that they in no way supported this particular group.”

Coultas believes the students involved weren’t aware of the ramifications of their actions.

“I don’t think they realized just how negative the reaction would be. I don’t think they took into consideration, perhaps, veterans and people of that nature that have served our country, and how that to them was a slap in the face,” Coultas says.

“These students involved are good students and patriotic students. Their plans involve some patriotic duty, in fact. There was no intent on their part to offend anybody, but they knew this was something they would get a negative reaction on, which is what they were trying to accomplish,” he continues.

Coultas says the students and adults involved have been talked to, but he wouldn’t say if any disciplinary action has been taken.

A clarification has been made to the article that this was part of a high school sociology class.