It was a much warmer December in Jax than usual last month

By Gary Scott on January 5, 2016 at 8:24am

We recorded an average temperature of 42 degrees at the WLDS-WEAI recording station, which is nearly ten degrees warmer than normal.

One record high temperature was tied in the month of December. On the 22nd last month, we reached a high temp of 64 degrees, which was the previous record high set in 1933.

We came within three degrees of tying a record high on Christmas Eve, too, when it got up to 61 degrees.

We managed to go snowless, which is amazing considering the average snow amount in December is four inches. We did get 7.3 inches of rain, which is about five inches above the normal amount, thanks in large part to the end-of-the-month rain event that’s caused so much flooding headache.

We also got an inch of rain on December 14th.