Jacksonville area Boy Scout holding “One Day of Service” event this weekend

By Gary Scott on April 3, 2018 at 8:21am

Local residents with worn and tattered American flags can have them properly handled and retired by The Jacksonville area Boy Scouts this weekend.

In working with the Illinek Lodge of the Order of the Arrow, the Jacksonville area Boy Scouts are holding their annual “One Day of Service” this Saturday in Jacksonville’s Community Park. The goal of this weekend’s event is to allow area residents with worn and tattered American flags to get them into the right hands so that they can be properly retired.

Bruce Selway with the Jacksonville area Boy Scouts joined WLDS’ AM Conversation yesterday to discuss the event

For those living in Jacksonville and surrounding area that own American flags but are unsure if they should be classified as “worn and tattered,” Selway says the best way is to ask if the flag is in good enough condition to still be considered a good representation of America.

Flags may also be dropped off at the West Morton branch of Jacksonville Savings Bank as well as Town & Country Bank in Jacksonville through Friday. This weekend’s “One Day of Service” takes place Saturday in front of the Community Center in Jacksonville’s Community Park on South Main Street from 9 to 11 a.m.