Jacksonville boy closing in on donation milestone

By Ryne Turke on January 3, 2016 at 9:00am

A seven-year-old Jacksonville boy, who has been running his own charity for nearly half his life, is closing in on a special milestone.

Three years ago, Kellon Oldenettel started a program to donate socks to underprivileged individuals in West Central Illinois.  In that time, Kellon has collected over 4,800 pairs of socks and is pushing hard to reach the 5,000 donations by the end of the year.

WLDS-WEAI News spoke with Kellon and his mother, Lori Large-Oldenettel on programs progress in 2015. They said more than 1,500 pairs of socks have been collected and more are expected to arrive soon.

“Last year we named it Kellon’s Sock Drawer, so now it has an official name. He actually got a logo too. Our friends and family and the community have been so generous. The socks just started coming in as businesses in town put up collection boxes,” says Lori Oldenettel.

Earlier this month, Kellon took his sock program to the Salvation Army to give back to those in need. Kellon said he was happy his program could help out in Jacksonville.

“I saw that they needed things for their feet, family and friends,” Kellon said.

“Were there a lot of people there?” asked WLDS/WEAI.

“Yes,” noted Kellon.

Kellon’s younger brother Beckham recently started his own donation program involving children’s books.

Lori Oldenettel says socks are collected in Jacksonville, Springfield and Franklin. She says the most-needed sizes are infant, toddler and men’s socks.