Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce hosts Educator Appreciation Reception

By Gary Scott on November 11, 2016 at 6:07am

Current and former teachers flooded Hamilton’s South ballroom last night for the 26th annual Educator Appreciation Reception.

The event is hosted every year by the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce. Vice President of the Chamber’s Education Division Maryjane Million feels the event is crucial in promoting the future of the area’s education.

“I can’t think of anything more important for the community and for our future, for our youth, to be able to get a good education and we have wonderful educators in our area that are doing just that. They have a very difficult job, it’s a very challenging job and I know sometimes it feels thankless, but we want them to know that we really do thank them for everything they do,” says Million.

Chamber President Lisa Musch says the night is all about giving thanks to educators for everything they do.

“It’s a reception that we hold every year to just thank our area schools, educators, support staff, administrators, for really helping to educate our youth, for all the service that they give to the area and to increase efforts to have great education in our area,” Musch says.

The reception features tables set up by local businesses around the perimeter of the ballroom. Million expands on those exhibits…

“We have many businesses in our community who are very happy to support our educators and they provide prizes and giveaways and all different types of things to say thank you to the educators that we have in the Jacksonville area.  It’s for all the educators, not only the teachers but the supports staff and the administration as well as retired individuals, and we have educators from not only the Jacksonville area but outside of town,” Million explains.     .

According to Musch, the reception draws around 200 educators each year and about 30 exhibits. The event also features food and beverages as well as a number of door prizes donated from various area organizations.