Jacksonville commission looking to improve accessibility needs in city

By Ryne Turke on April 9, 2016 at 1:42pm

The Jacksonville Commission on Disabilities and Human Relations is working to promote inclusiveness in the city.

Member Larry Whewell says advisory committee is looking to improve social service accessibility needs in Jacksonville during the current triennial review.

Whewell says the commission works with the mayor, city council, city attorney and the general public to make Jacksonville the best it can be.

One issue the commission is involved with deals with the new toy going up in Community Park.

“I understand the vendor did not discuss accessibility and that toy is not accessible for children with disabilities,” says Whewell

Whewell says a local college is getting involved in the process as well.

“The MacMurray College social work program will be taking this project on next fall. They will be developing a survey and then seeking comments from the public through internet, mail and person to person,” says Whewell.

The commission worked with the Jacksonville Police Department years ago to establish a communication system for “individuals with disabilities and minorities”.Whewell says this system allows both parties to communicate back-and-forth through interpreters  or large print forms.

Whewell hopes to have the report wrapped up by January 1st.