Jacksonville Correctional Center future appears to be safe

By Ryne Turke on February 11, 2015 at 8:39am

A representative from the Illinois Department of Corrections says the future is looking positive for the Jacksonville Correctional Center.

Even though budget cuts are being made across the state, Tom Shaer says Governor Bruce Rauner has shown he is committed to the IDOC and public safety for Illinois.

“We have no concrete plans that would impact any particular institution and we don’t see an impact coming that would reduce our ability to carry out more efficiently,” says Shaer.

“We are always interested in the best way to do things and get the best value for the money the tax payers spend on corrections. We don’t see anything changing that, whether it is at Jacksonville, Greene County or Pittsfield.”

Shaer says that the IDOC has done a fantastic job over the years with a flat budget and more prisoners. In fact, Shaer says Rauner is in favor of hiring more correctional officers for the IDOC.

“We hired 700 during a 12 month period, but we had a lot of retirements. This led to a lower net gain in staff. We believe we will be able to go beyond that and Governor Rauer has been very supportive of that,” says Shaer.

With the Rauner’s support, Shaer believes the IDOC will continue to meet established goals and reach new heights in the near future.