Jacksonville cuts a deal with State Street Property for ownership of downtown lot

By Ryne Turke on February 27, 2016 at 9:36am

Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard says the recent property swap between the City and State Street Property Group is a win-win for Jacksonville.

Ezard says the city has been looking to sell the property at 1013 East Morton, located just off Country Club Road, for quite a few months.

On Monday, City Council agreed to a detailed proposal between the parties.

“We accepted a proposal from State Street Property Group for the sum of $3,000 and a downtown parking lot, which is appraised at $42,500. The total package was $45,500.”

Ezard says the deal requires State Street Property to demolish the former Oaks Apartment complex and clean up the location.

According to Ezard, State Street Property has a solid reputation in Jacksonville and he looks forward to the plans they have in mind.

“The development of a single family lot on the north side of St. Andrews Drive and also duplexes on the south and east perimeters of the property. It will be a blend of development and we are excited about that opportunity.”

The parking lot Jacksonville receives in return is located south of Muligan’s and north of Don’s Place. Ezard says the city will determine how the lot can be used to better the downtown atmosphere.