Jacksonville Goodwill Moving to New Location

By Gary Scott on March 2, 2017 at 7:08am

Jacksonville’s Goodwill store is staying in Jacksonville, though it will be in a different location next month.

Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries is announcing the move from the store’s current location at 1805 West Morton to 1205 West Morton on Saturday, April 22nd.

Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries Patrick Anderson says the move is about accommodating for expansion.

“We’ve always been looking for a larger, maybe higher traffic area for our Jacksonville store. It’s always been a very strong store in our system, thanks to the Jacksonville community, but we wanted to have a little larger space where we could have more merchandise, a larger donation area, a larger processing area. We were also looking for a location that had plenty of parking and better visibility. It is basically just a couple blocks up on Morton, in what used to be the old Wal-Mart store. ”

Anderson says the company is excited about their new location and believes it will benefit Goodwill’s overall mission.

“That whole shopping area there has a lot of nice retail operations in it and we think that will draw more traffic, which also benefits our store there, which of course benefits the mission that Goodwill has of providing support for people who are underemployed and veterans and those kinds of programs. That is what Goodwill is all about. We are very excited and very anxious to get in to the new space.”           :32

He says the relocation means that Goodwill is looking to add more employees.

“We’re going to actually be adding more staff. It will be a larger store, with more things to do. We are looking now to add staff to our Jacksonville operation. People can go to our website LLGI.org/careers. That is where they will be able to see all the posted openings we have for positions in Jacksonville as well as positions at all of our retail locations throughout central Illinois.”

Jacksonville’s Goodwill store will remain at its current location until April 19th, at which point it will start to move things over to the new location. The grand re-opening at the new location will take place Saturday, April 22nd.