Jacksonville man in custody for allegedly concealing or aiding a fugitive

By Gary Scott on September 5, 2017 at 7:45am

A Jacksonville man and his daughter are behind bars for several alleged offenses, including the aiding or concealing of a fugitive.

According to reports from the Jacksonville Police Department, 21-year old Alicia Barton, of Colorado, and her father, 41-year old Robbie Dean of the 800 block of North Diamond, were booked at the county jail yesterday between approximately 3:45 and 5 p.m.

Police say that while responding to a call regarding domestic violence, officers spotted Alicia Barton, who happened to be wanted on a warrant out of Weld County Colorado for failure to appear for forgery.        Jacksonville Police Lieutenant Chris Johnson explains how officers responded, and what they learned about the suspects upon arriving.

“We responded to a domestic disturbance yesterday afternoon. The caller stated that the subject that was on scene was trying to flee from the residence out of the back door because that person has a warrant out of Colorado. It was also alleged that the father of that individual, Mr. Barton, drove to Colorado to remove his daughter from a court-ordered halfway house and conceal her and transport her back to Jacksonville, Illinois,” says Johnson.

Robbie Barton was arrested and charged with alleged offenses of domestic battery, interfering with a report of domestic battery, and concealing or aiding a fugitive.