Jacksonville man providing holiday craftsmanship for front lawns

By Ryne Turke on December 23, 2015 at 12:35pm

A Jacksonville resident’s holiday craftsmanship is gracing the front yards of West Central Illinoisans.

For more than 20 years Bob Chumley has been building and selling wooden Christmas themed items. Chumley says he has made a “handful” of different items over the years, but his top sellers are his reindeer and sleighs.

Chumley says his passion for construction projects comes from his father and grandfather.

“Well my grandfather was a contractor in Jacksonville and then my dad worked for him in town. My brother and I have done construction work in Jacksonville for ten or eleven years. I worked for a contractor too. That is all I’ve done my whole life.”

While production has slowed down since he was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Chumley stays active in the shop each year making new holiday-themed items. Chumley says he has sold over 400 sets of reindeer.

Chumley is asking $190 for two reindeer and a sleigh. For more information call 248-1135.