Jacksonville Night set for May 5th at 1:15 as the Cardinals host the Cubs

By Benjamin Cox on April 26, 2018 at 8:36am

Do you love Cardinals baseball? What about Cubs baseball? Or maybe you’re not anchored to one team and just love to see the fellas give it their all on the diamond.

Every year for the last three years, CNB Bank and Trust has sponsored a Jacksonville Night at Busch Stadium to help groups in the community. This year, they’ll be helping JHS, Illinois College, and all the boys and girls in the area who love playing baseball.

Jacksonville night will be May 5th with the Cardinals hosting the Cubs at Busch Stadium, and the local CNB branch is receiving a few more tickets. But hurry, they certainly will go fast.

Shelly Singleton is the Director of Marketing at the Jacksonville CNB branch. Singleton and CNB have sold over one thousand tickets for the special game.

“We’ve sold almost 1500 tickets. It’s been phenomenal. We started selling tickets in February and, of course, with a Cub game it’s been great. So we’re just really thrilled because we partner with Illinois College, with JHS this year so it’s been a little bit different. We expanded our ticket sales and have got several groups that will be benefiting. One’s JHS, and then also Jacksonville Area Baseball and Pony Colt. So all of the youths in the area that love to play baseball, all the little girls and little boys will be getting disbursements and some money that we raised as a result of this event.”

Singleton also knows that some may need special accommodations for medical reasons.

“If somebody would like special seating or needs special seating, sometimes we can help with that as well. If you have someone that just can’t walk very far or if they need to sit in the handicap seats, sometimes we can grab a couple of handicap tickets as well if you need that extra help. So we try to be accomadating.

The aura of Jacksonville Night is one that you will never forget if you get the chance to attend.

“It’s just an experience that… it’s hard to describe. When you’re down on the field and then all of a sudden you hear this roar from the crowd and it’s everybody from Jacksonville Night, you know. And then you go to the concession stand and you look around and you know everybody in line at the concession stand. The whole town’s there. It’s really a lot of fun.”

To get tickets, call the Jacksonville CNB branch at 217.243.6654.