Jacksonville Public Library choosing a new logo

By Gary Scott on January 16, 2015 at 7:45am

The library is offering three logos for the public to vote on that were created by Steve Varble, a Jacksonville graphic designer, and library board member Kevin Eckhoff. The logos were finalists chosen by the library board from a larger pool. The voting will run from next Tuesday to January 30th.

Chris Ashmore, the library’s director who has been there for about 16 years, explains why this is being done.

“We’ve used a combination of different things, but we’ve never had really one, steady logo that we used to represent the library. We sometimes use a picture of a building or a picture. It always looks nice, but we’ve never had one standard logo as far as a branding process that we put on all our publications and everything we do,” explains Ashmore.

“We started talking about it last year with the library board when we were doing some long-range planning, and we thought this would be a good thing to have- a library logo that we use on letterheads, publicity ads, all of our standard publications, to give the library an image that people know.”

Ashmore adds it’s a marketing move.

“I know it’s big talk in marketing circles, and sometimes the public facilities like the library are a little behind private businesses in the marketing world,” he says.

Voting will be made available at the library building, online at www.jaxpl.org and on the library’s Facebook page. You can vote as often as you like.

Larger version of the logos:

library logos

Correction: Kevin Eckhoff, a member of the library board, created the book logo, not Steve Varble.