Jacksonville Public School Foundation’s Holding Annual Drawing

By Gary Scott on May 3, 2017 at 1:11pm

Local schools will always need support from the community, and you can support Jacksonville schools and have chance to win big money this summer.

The Jacksonville Public Schools Foundation Executive Director Amy Albers was on our WLDS’ AM Conversation Tuesday Morning to discuss the events going on with the foundation.

The first of these is the Believe in Education Drawing, which she says has been pushed back this year:

“This is a really busy time for us, and the beginning of the school year is also a busy time. We do have the Believe in Education Drawing going on right now that’s been pushed back. Usually we’ve held the drawing right at the Downtown Celebration. Because of not having that this year, we’ve moved it back to June 2nd. So we’re still going to coordinate with Main Street and we’re going to hold it at the first Levitt series concert which should be fun.”

Albers lets us know where to get tickets for this drawing:

“Well tickets are going to be out this week at area businesses. You’ll see signs in front of the businesses that say ‘buy tickets here.’ They’re available at all of our schools, they’re available at the radio station here even. But they’ll be at County Market and at the banks in town, so it won’t be hard to find a ticket. We mail them out to our alumni, everybody gets a piece of this. This is the fundraising event that sustains the foundation; that lets us do all the other great things we do. Unfortunately we have to raise money to keep the doors open,and we do that plus some with this fundraiser. This fundraiser is really big for the Jacksonville Public Schools Foundation. It let’s us do a lot throughout the year.”

Albers also talks about the future events that the foundation has started planning, including all the way out to next summer:

“One hundred fifty years the school is celebrating. We’re just starting to talk about it since this year is coming to an end. But, 2017-2018 the school district will be celebrating 150 years all year long. We have events planned. We’re starting off with a birthday celebration for the community on September 9th at Jacksonville Middle school, as it will be named then. So, we have whole bunch of things planned. We’re gonna wrap up the summer next year of 2018, we’ve already planned that far ahead. With a play that Ken Bradbury wrote. He asked for memories from our alumni and they sent them. I can’t wait to see it. You know it’s going to be quality and entertaining.”

The prize drawing will be June 2nd at the Levitt AMP Music Festival. Tickets are available at WEAI/WLDS, stop by the station to pick some up. Tickets are $10 each, or three for $25.