Jacksonville Rotary helps renovate special needs classroom at Eisenhower Elementary

By Benjamin Cox on February 24, 2018 at 9:30am

Thanks for a large donation, a Jacksonville Elementary School had help renovating its special needs classroom. The Jacksonville Rotary Club received a $2,00 grant and an additional $2,000 in local matching funds to renovate Eisenhower Elementary School’s special needs classroom.

Jacksonville Rotary Club President-Elect Daphne Spradlin explains how her team started to plan last fall and gives a general time line.

“They were needing some equipment and needed a fresh look. So after we got the grant, we went to work. District 117 was wonderful to work with., anything we needed, they helped us in so many ways. In the later part of the year, took everything out, there were two rooms involved. We had ordered some special equipment that the teachers had requested, weighted blankets, different things for kids find real beneficial to help calm themselves. We also ordered a light sensory board that’s in their room.” Spradlin said.

The renovation is in its final stages at Eisenhower. Spradlin says the feedback from the school has been great.

“They are just finishing up the project, we’re really proud of it. We had a lot of great help from the Rotarian, the schools, a lot of teachers and administrators have been so accommodating. This will help a lot of kids as the children rotate through their age groups. Teachers have also commented on how the room will be able to benefit other kids in the district. So we are really excited about it.” said Spradlin.

President-Elect Spradlin says being able to help the school district and the special needs children is something she won’t forget.

“It’s wonderful and there is such a need, there’s so many children effected with so many different issues, there’s a need in Jacksonville and other areas to help these kids out. It’s a really good feeling, I am so glad I was able to be a part of this, it was a great project, it will benefit many kids now and in the future.” said Spradlin.

The Jacksonville Rotary Club was award the grant money by Rotary Club 6460.