Jacksonville Street Dept. finishing 2018 projects

By Benjamin Cox on October 30, 2018 at 3:34pm

There are a few local streets and public parking lots that have recently been closed but will be opening again soon.

Area residents and visitors to Jacksonville may have noticed that two public parking lots near the downtown square have both been closed. Both the lot behind Trone’s between Main Street and Sandy Street and the lot off Morgan Avenue between Mulligan’s and Don’s Place have been closed to be re-paved. Though he was unable to provide recorded comments, Jacksonville Superintendent of the Streets Department Les Ballenger says crews are lining the lots for parking spots today, and both lots are scheduled to be open tomorrow.

He says also that a number of potential projects are prepared each year, and that the department’s final project to complete this year is Church Street between State Street and College Avenue. The superintendent says that the street will likely not be paved until later this week or early next week, with scattered rain showers forecasted through Thursday afternoon. In addition, Ballenger says that the lot behind Don’s and the West Morgan Depot is a planned project for next year.