Jacksonville suffers from widespread power outage last night

By Gary Scott on November 28, 2017 at 7:30am

Nearly the entire city of Jacksonville was without power for several hours last night.

While no official word has come from Ameren Illinois regarding the power outage, local residents on social media claimed to have lost power for at least some amount of time from as far west as Mound and Westgate and as far east as Old State Road. In a rather eerie scene, all of downtown Jacksonville was without power for at least more than an hour as all of the street lights around the square went black.         There were also reports of people being without power as far north as the Jacksonville Airport. Some South Jacksonville residents reported that they lost power just briefly, or that it flickered and came right back on.

Sometime around 9:30 last night, most of the city either completely or partially lost power, with many areas of town reporting still being without power between 11 o’clock and midnight.

Most if not all of the traffic lights around the downtown area continued to operate normally throughout the power outage, as cars drove with extra caution as the majority of the city’s street lights went out.         While no official cause for the extended power outage has been reported, WLDS/WEAI News hope to find out more information as the day goes on.