Jacksonville To Begin Finding New Police Chief

By Benjamin Cox on March 4, 2017 at 12:00am

Jacksonville’s Police Chief Tony Grootens is retiring. Chief Grootens has spent over 40 years in law enforcement and his last day before retirement is Friday. With Chief Grootens ending his career, the city is beginning the process of finding his replacement.

Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard says the city will soon be starting the process of looking for a new Police Chief and until then, the Police Department will be ran by two Deputy Chiefs.

“We haven’t started the process yet, we will start it probably next week. In the mean time we have very good Deputy Chiefs that we will turn the over the reins to and they will do a good job in the interim.”

Mayor Ezard says he has had some outside applications, but he would prefer to promote someone already in the Jacksonville Police Department.

“We have a good Department and I think it is fair to let everybody have their say with me, as far as an interview, and what vision they have as far as moving the Department forward. We are at a good place now, but usually everyone can improve but I look forward to interviewing the internal applicants and seeing what they may have to add to the improvement of our department.”

Mayor Ezard says outgoing Chief Grootens did a great job and the City Council wishes him the best.