Jacksonville & Waverly/Franklin Voter Turnout

By Gary Scott on April 4, 2017 at 2:30pm

Turnout in the city of Jacksonville’s only contested races appears to be much lighter.

If voting trends continue, the turnout in Ward One will run just under 5 percent. That means around 100 voters will cast ballots out of just over 2,000 registered voters. Ward one involves voting locales at the Jefferson Park community center, and at the community park center.

Voting should be a little better in Ward Four, which involves precincts 14 through 17. It appears that voting is running at about just over 8 percent of voters. That would be a turnout  of nearly 220 voters out of over 2,600 registered.

The best turnout appears to be precinct 16, which is at First Baptist Church.

Based on the number on the number of registered voters, it appears that the turnout in both the Franklin and Waverly school district main precincts will fall short of 50 percent. We checked the three precincts in Waverly at 10:15, and the lone precinct in Franklin at noon.

132 voters had cast ballots at the Franklin American Legion at that time. If that number is projected over the entire 13 hour voting day, the turnout would run about 71 percent today.

In Waverly, a total of 359 had done their civic duty in the three Waverly precincts at the American Legion polling place. That projects to a turnout of just under 40 percent.

Franklin voters have a bond referendum and school board race on today’s ballot. Waverly also has races for the school board and a voting referendum, plus one aldermanic race in the 2nd ward.

These trends may grow later today as people get off work, and may boost the turnout at all of these locations, barring any unforeseen weather problems.