Jax Main Street brings informational signs to downtown area

By Gary Scott on July 20, 2016 at 4:18pm

Some new informational signs can be seen around Jacksonville’s downtown area thanks to the local Main Street organization.

Jacksonville Main Street Executive Director Judy Tighe explains how the organization came up with the idea for putting up the new signs.

“We came up with that in response to some of the parking and speed issue signs that have been brought up. In talking with the city, we came up with a look for the sign that will address all those needs. Some are reminding people it is 20 mph and two hour parking on the street. All of them are pointing out various landmarks and popular destinations, within the downtown or just off the downtown,” says Tighe.

Tighe says Jacksonville Main Street has received positive feedback since the signs have gone up.

“The people that have noticed them have been really happy with them. We have been told they are happy with the appearance and we are happy as well. It is kind of a nice, decorative way to remind people where things area,” says Tighe.

According to Tighe, Jacksonville Main Street still plans on putting up a few more signs, specifically in the medians at North and South Main Street, as people enter the downtown square from both directions.