Jax Police investigating several reports of passed phony payroll checks

By Gary Scott on June 16, 2016 at 7:08am

JPD Lieutenant Adam Mefford tells WLDS-WEAI News that calls about the checks have come in from County Market over the last week. At first, Mefford says the checks, some of which are successfully cashed by fraudsters, have the appearance of being legitimate and being from a reputable company or business.

“Some of the things to be on the lookout for, a lot of businesses and reputable companies do not do payroll checks anymore, a lot of them are direct deposit. So, if the check seems to be suspicious, then I would be leery of it,” says Mefford. “Or you could call the police and have them investigate it,” says Mefford.

“Or just deny the check, and then they can go to another location or a bank and try to cash it [there],” Mefford says. “Also, if the person trying to cash the payroll check that appears to be a local business, but the drivers’ license or ID they provide shows that they’re from out of state or from some great distance away, it might be a red flag as well,” he adds.

If you have any more information on these fraudulent payroll checks, you’re encouraged to call the Jacksonville Police Department at 479-4630 or Crimestoppers of Morgan and Scott Counties at 243-7300.