Jax Police Looking Closely at Non Traditional Vehicles

By Gary Scott on April 14, 2021 at 1:13pm

Jacksonville police this week began stepping up enforcement of traffic laws.

            Specifically, the police are watching nontraditional vehicles, such as golf carts, UTVs and mini bikes.

            Jacksonville police chief Adam Mefford says many of these vehicles, including bikes need to obey the common traffic laws.

            He says these vehicles must follow the flow of traffic and obey speed limits. But, as more of these types of vehicles hit the streets, others feel more emboldened to drive the next level of off road vehicles. 

            Mefford says it’s the nonlicensed vehicles that can be most problematic.

            He says many of these vehicles are not licensed and driven by unlicensed younger people.

            He says the extra traffic enforcement will continue for a few weeks to help remind people to be careful, and watchful.