Jennings running for South Jacksonville Village President

By Ryne Turke on September 21, 2016 at 10:56am

A village resident has launched his campaign for South Jacksonville President.

In an interview with WLDS-WEAI News, Harry Jennings says he made the decision to run for Village President “a few months ago.”

If elected South Jacksonville President, Jennings plans to return the power back to the people and trustees of the village. Jennings also wants to update several dated ordinances.

“The village needs to focus long-term on planning. We need to get our ordinances codified. We need to re-do our structure of how the village is organized and make sure it is clear for everybody involved. Everybody needs to be on the same page. For instance, our ordinances haven’t been codified since  the village was created. We have things that are over 100 years old that haven’t been updated and haven’t been clearly written.”

Jennings may not hold a spot on the board of trustees or run a department in South Jacksonville, but he feels he has the credentials to be the next Village President.

“I have three bachelor degrees, one of those is political science. I have been involved in politics since I moved to the village. I ran for Village President back in 2005. I was on the Ethics Committee earlier this year. I’m a former police officer and I’m retired from the military. I have a lot of experience in the executive side of things.”

Jennings says his years of attending, observing and listening at municipal meetings have helped prepare him to lead South Jacksonville.

Last week South Jacksonville Clerk Dani Glascock told WLDS-WEAI News she planned on running for Village President. Steve Waltrip, currently serving as President pro-tem, will be returning to his trustee role after the April 4th election.

For more information about the Jennings campaign,click here.