JHS without power, students sent home for today only

By Benjamin Cox on May 21, 2018 at 8:56am

Jacksonville High School has announced that they are currently experiencing a power outage.

The administration is asking students to stay home today as a safety precaution, and the plan is to resume school tomorrow. This day will not have to be made up.

District 117 Superintendent Steve Ptacek sent this voicemail to parents and staff.

“Good morning. This is Steve Ptacek. A transformer has blown in front of Jacksonville High School, and JHS is currently without power and might be for several hours. We are sending the high school students home for today. Since school started before the incident, we do not have to make this day up. All other district 117 schools will remain in session. The school will be working on a new final exam schedule, and either myself or Mr. McGiles will get more information out later today. Currently, buses are being rerouted back to JHS, and the drivers and walkers are being sent home. Thank you very much.”

All end of the year events, including the Jacksonville Middle School promotion ceremony tomorrow in the JMS gym and high school graduation on Friday at the JHS Bowl, are unchanged.