JPD puts out press release on counterfeit bills

By Gary Scott on December 16, 2015 at 7:14am

Jacksonville Police are again sounding the alarm on the circulation of counterfeit cash.

A press release on Tuesday indicates there has been recent circulation of counterfeit money, with the Jacksonville Police Department receiving several reports of counterfeit $100 bills.

The bills appear, at first glance to resemble real currency, but a closer inspection shows the bills are made of a slightly different paper and have the words “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” printed on them.

The JPD urges businesses and the public to inspect currency prior to accepting it as payment. If you have any concerns about the authenticity of a bill, you should call police at 479-4630. You can also report the use of counterfeit money to Crimestoppers at 243-7300.

Use of a counterfeit currency is a felony and punishable by a fine and/or prison.