JPD warning online shoppers of “package pirates”

By Ryne Turke on December 22, 2015 at 12:36pm

With last second gifts being delivered before Christmas Day, a helpful reminder is being sent out to West Central Illinoisans to watch out for “package pirates.”

These bandits won’t be sporting a peg leg and eye patch, but they will be looking to steal those packages being delivered to your front door.

Jacksonville Police Lieutenant Adam Mefford noted there was an isolated incident last year that involved an individual stealing packages from multiple residences. The “package pirate” was eventually apprehended by police.

Mefford announced that Jacksonville has yet to have any incidents involving thefts of packages over the holiday. Mefford passed along a few tips for people expecting packages this week.

“Some online retailers will allow a customer to pick a specific delivery time. You can go online, check with the retailer and try to schedule a delivery time when you are there. You can order your package so you have to sign for it or route the package to your local mail facility. You can start a neighborhood watch or have your package delivered to work.”

When transporting gifts, Mefford suggested placing boxes in the trunk of the car so would be “package pirates” are not aware of the items.