JREDC Chairman discusses Ellis’ decision to step down

By Gary Scott on October 27, 2017 at 12:25pm

JREDC’s Board Chair is discussing the resignation of President Paul Ellis.

The Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation, or JREDC, is announcing that President Paul Ellis has resigned from his position to accept an offer as Director of Economic Development for Fairview Heights on November 13th.

JREDC Chairman Shawn Rennecker says Ellis brought a lot to the table for the JREDC.

“He’s been with us for a little over a year. He has a certified urban planning designation and has obtained his economic development certification as well. He really understood economic development. He was a very good communicator. Working with him as Board Chair, I thought he did a nice job,” Rennecker says.

Rennecker explains what the JREDC will focus on moving forward.

“We have an 80-acre industrial site, we’re working with our Vice President Bonni Waters and several stakeholders within the board to help to market that. We’re in the process of sort of ramping up a new five-year capital campaign, and we’re also in the process of finalizing a regional plan. Mr. Ellis had put in a fair amount of work in for that, and we’re actually to the point where we’re collecting some final comments to be put in to the draft version to be able to roll that out,” says Rennecker.

It is unclear at this time who will replace Ellis as the new President of the JREDC.