Jumper issues letter to trustees regarding our investigation

By Gary Scott on March 13, 2015 at 10:49pm

South Jacksonville’s village president is reacting to our two-part investigative series on an Illinois State Police report that looked into alleged wrongdoing in Village Hall.

In a letter sent to village trustees on Friday, Mayor Gordon Jumper said he still can’t comment on what’s in the state police report, which lists allegations of theft against former village clerk and water-sewer clerk and current treasurer Linda Douglass, because he says he still hasn’t seen it.

Jumper says he hasn’t been given a copy of the report, which is available for download on the story on WLDS.com.

Jumper adds in the letter “certain current and former village employees are disgruntled for whatever reasons and for various reasons.” He says allegations made by those employees are not based in fact and cites the Attorney General not pressing charges as the proof.

Jumper also says “from my experience with the village employees who were the subject of the WLDS commentary, that the work of these viillage employees hash given me no cause to believe they have committed any crimes. I have found their work to be exemplary…I do not support the tarnishing of their reputations by the media or those who make allegations without proof.”