Jury makes ruling in years-old hog facility lawsuit in Scott County

By Gary Scott on May 26, 2016 at 7:47am

A lawsuit filed in 2010 in Scott County Court against a number of pork industry giants has concluded.

The Jacksonville Journal-Courier reports a Scott County jury rejected a seven-point-five-million-dollar damage total this week that was asked for by a group of citizens and Bluffs-based Westermeyer Industries against, among others, Cargill, and the Maschhoff family hog farm business.

According to the newspaper, the lawsuit focused on a concentrated animal-feeding operation in the northwest part of the county, with attorneys for the plaintiffs claiming endangerment of health and community.

Specifically, the proper management of dust, smell and pests were pointed out, and attorneys for the plaintiffs said there was improper disposal of animal carcasses, according to the newspaper.

It’s believed this is the first “private temporary nuisance” case to go through the court. The jury deliberated for about an hour and fifteen minutes before reaching a decision that went against the plaintiffs.