K9 Sniff-search at Jacksonville Middle School Wednesday

By Benjamin Cox on October 10, 2018 at 5:46pm

Routine police canine procedures were conducted at Jacksonville Middle School Wednesday.

The Jacksonville Police Department, in connection with School District 117, ran a drug search through the middle school as part of regular K9 training exercises.

District 117 Superintendent Steve Ptacek says no one was in trouble or in harm’s way.

“The police department and school district are both adamant at securing a drug-free environment within all of our schools. This also, as it turns out, allowed the police dogs to perform training exercises. Students were kept in the classrooms, and the dogs searched lockers and the parking lot. The dogs did not find any drugs.”

Jacksonville Police Chief Adam Mefford says the department’s K9 Bo, who is retiring on November 17th, conducted a search today as part of a monthly scheduled regiment.

“School districts will request the assistance of local police agencies to conduct random drug searches for any sorts of contraband. These also allow K9 handlers to collect hours logged as part of monthly training requirements for K9 units.”

Jacksonville Middle School Principal Gary Barlow sent an audio message to all parents of middle school students to reiterate the fact that the learning environment was not affected.