Kesinger plans to continue practice pending outcome of appeal

By Gary Scott on January 29, 2016 at 7:46am

A Jacksonville attorney reportedly plans to challenge disciplinary action being taken against him by the state.

A panel for Illinois attorneys recommended earlier this month suspending G. Ron Kesinger’s license for a year, followed by an order that he apply to the Illinois Supreme Court to be reinstated.

A complaint filed last June accused Kessinger of having a conflict of interest by buying the foreclosed home of two people he had represented in the foreclosure proceedings. Another complaint filed last year accused Kesinger of obtaining a loan from a client and submitting a false application for a loan.

Kesinger told the Jacksonville Journal-Courier on Thursday he’ll continue to practice law while his appeal is considered. He says he’s not challenging the suspension, but that he’s challenging the claim of ethics violations.

Regarding the loan allegation, Kesinger told the newspaper he forgot the loaner was a client.

Previously, Kesinger was censured as the result of a complaint in 1999 and suspended in 2013 for six months after allegedly revealing confidential information told to him by a client that resulted in that client’s conviction for felony-murder.