Killion takes over vacant North Greene Board seat

By Ryne Turke on October 27, 2016 at 1:02pm

The North Greene School Board is at full strength once again.

Earlier this month Joe Schnelton moved out of the school district, forcing him to vacate his seat on the board. Superintendent Lawrence Coultas says Brenn Killion took over Schnelton’s seat during last week’s board meeting.

Coultas explains why the board selected Killion from the four candidates.

“She graduated from here, is a life long resident, has knowledge of what we do in the school and has kids in the district. Frankly, it was a tough decision because we had four pretty good applicants,” says Coultas.

Coultas says Killion lives in Roodhouse and works as a physical therapist.

According to Coultas there aren’t any big projects on the horizon for the North Greene School District, but the board will be keeping an eye on how the state budget is handled over the next few months.