LaHood comments on State of the Union address

By Ryne Turke on January 13, 2016 at 12:24pm

A West Central Illinois politician is responding to the State of the Union address delivered by President Obama last night.

Obama’s speech looked back at the highlights of his two terms in office and the goals that should be established for future generations in the country.

Among the main topics for the evening were the Affordable Care Act, America’s economic decline and a push to improve education.

18th District Representative Darin LaHood was left wanting more from Obama’s final State of the Union address as president.

“I was looking for more specifics on how the president is going to turn around the economy. People in West Central Illinois are uncertain about the economy. I wanted to hear from the president how we are going to create more jobs and grow the economy, whether that is in the ag industry, Caterpillar, John Deere or our manufacturing base.”

Obama stated multiple times that America “is the most powerful nation on Earth”, but LaHood felt a stronger stance needed to be made on national security.

“People have a lot of anxiety and frustration with fighting ISIS in the Middle East. The president didn’t lay out a plan on how we are going to destroy ISIS and give people that sense of confidence that we are going to stop them before they get over here.”

LaHood noted he would like to work with Obama to improve trade and criminal justice reform in the 18th District.

“Trade is important to my district, whether that be soybeans and corn, John Deere tractors or Caterpillar road equipment. I’m willing to work with other members of Congress to pass trade legislation,” says LaHood.

“As a former state and federal prosecutor, I’m supportive of criminal justice reform and making sure we protect the safety of our citizens.”

Click here for Obama’s State of the Union address.