LaHood, Davis react to Obama executive action

By Gary Scott on January 7, 2016 at 12:49pm

LaHood, Davis

West Central Illinois congressmen are reacting to President Obama’s announced executive actions regarding gun purchases on Tuesday.

Obama says anybody in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks. He calls the actions common sense steps and insisted that he believes in preserving constitutional protections on gun ownership.

The executive actions aim to broaden federal background checks and tighten loopholes on the sale of firearms at gun shows and on the Internet, and also seek to limit the ability of criminals and mentally-ill people to get guns.

Obama will also ask Congress to authorize another half-a-billion dollars to treat mental illness.

The actions will require more gun sellers to get licenses and will seek to get a better handle on tracking lost or stolen guns. One part of the overall initiative seeks to boost gun safety technology.

Jacksonville Congressman Darin LaHood said in a statement, “As a former state and federal prosecutor, I support targeting resources to enforce

and prosecute individuals who violate our already established gun laws, as well as assist in providing for our nation’s growing mental health needs.

“However, I also believe that we need to protect and preserve the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens.

“[Obama]… is missing the fact that our elected constitutional democracy requires a full and transparent vetting of these proposals through a legislative process.

13th District Representative Rodney Davis added, “We have a mental health crisis in this country that cannot be ignored and I hope the President will join Congress in trying to reform the system and address these issues legally and through our legislative process.”