LaHood discusses moving forward and working with President-elect Trump

By Gary Scott on November 14, 2016 at 1:24pm

With election season officially over, many people are anticipating what the future has in store.

Among those looking ahead is Illinois’ 18th Congressional District representative Darin LaHood, who joined WLDS’ AM Conversation this morning.

LaHood, who was recently victorious over his Democratic opponent Junius Rodriguez, says he has not yet met President-elect Trump, but hopes to do so soon.

“I head back to Washington today, this afternoon, and we’re going to have some of our leadership meetings this week and I don’t know if I’ll have an opportunity to visit with him this week but for sure in the next couple weeks here. And exciting times with the new President and obviously Donald Trump bring a mandate of sorts in terms of focusing on the economy, focusing on fixing health care, focusing on turning the direction of the country around and I’m excited to be a part of that,” LaHood says.                                 :

LaHood, a Republican, talked about what it means for his party to now have control in the General Assembly and commented on Trump’s transition from candidate to President-elect.

“Having the House now, the Senate and the President, we have to govern and fix problems and I think that’s what (Trump) will put a focus on. And last thing, let me just say, it was a very ugly campaign in a lot of ways at the national level, but if you look over the last four days here, I think Donald Trump has done an excellent job of really being consolatory, acting presidential, being very measured in his approach to governing, and laying out an agenda of two or three things that I think everybody can gather around and be supportive of and hopefully that’ll happen,” says LaHood.                              :

In Morgan County, LaHood captured 7,547 votes, compared to Rodriguez’s 2,028. LaHood says he was “very humbled…and honored to have the support of the people in my district.”

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