LaHood talks about Trump, flooding, other topics

By Gary Scott on January 4, 2016 at 1:19pm

Congressman Darin LaHood took time to talk to us this morning on WLDS’ “What’s On Your Mind?” program.

LaHood called in from Peoria this morning and discussed a variety of topics, including comments leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made regarding Muslims. Trump has said, among other things, that there should be a total ban on Muslims entering the country.

LaHood says he doesn’t support rhetoric that calls for banning people based on religion.

“I think that’s against our fundamental principles. I think it violates the Constitution,” says LaHood.

“I do think we need to have a tighter screening process on people that are involved in terrorism, that are involved in the jihadist movements, that are involved in radical terrorism. Our intelligence services have told us that people that come from certain parts of different countries, whether that’s in Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, whether that’s in Somalia, I think we need to have a tighter process in place. I think the FBI director has even said that,” he adds.

The Congressman also talked about flooding that’s been occurring all over the 18th District, including in Morgan County, which has been declared a disaster area by Governor Bruce Rauner.

“I am, along with our other federal representatives in Illinois, working with the governor’s office and IEMA, getting a full counting of the damage that’s been done, the flooding that’s been done, to both residential and commercial. We’ll be assessing that,” says LaHood.

“Once that’s completed, then at the federal level looking at possibly submitting for reimbursement or grant money for funding for Illinois, because clearly people have been affected, commercial properties have been affected, and we want to make sure that at the federal level, we’re doing all we can to make sure that things that need to be funded cab be funded.”

On a lighter note, LaHood says his Congressional office in Washington has been re-decorated.

Gone is the “Downton Abbey” theme that started the troubles for previous 18th District representative Aaron Schock. LaHood says the office has been re-painted beige, and more importantly, has representation from various parts of the 18th District, including an Illinois College football helmet and poster of downtown Jacksonville.

LaHood also noted that although most of Schock’s staff has been replaced, he was able to keep Barb Baker as head of the Congressional office in Jacksonville.

LaHood also talked about voting against the one-point-one-trillion-dollar omnibus spending bill, which passed the House last month, and offered his thoughts on President Obama’s upcoming executive orders regarding gun control.

Listen to the full interview with LaHood on “What’s On Your Mind?” below: