LaHood talks Illinois’ heroin spike, election races on WLDS

By Ryne Turke on March 14, 2016 at 1:01pm

Congressman Darin LaHood is requesting a forum to address the spike in heroin and opioid taking place in Illinois’ 18th District.

LaHood, who has seen this epidemic grow as an Illinois prosecutor for more than 10 years, addressed this topic on WLDS’ “AM-Conversation” this morning.

“But when you talk to people in law enforcement, addiction services and schools, there is an epidemic of heroin and opioid addiction. The potency of heroin has gotten so high and there is such a high volume coming from Central and South America. This transcends economic, urban and rural bounds. More people die from drug overdoses than car accidents.”

LaHood has contacted the White House Office on Drug Policy in hopes of bringing a forum to Illinois. LaHood’s goal is to raise awareness between addicts, families, educators and law enforcement.

LaHood also shared his thoughts on the upcoming election races. LaHood feels Illinois voters have a say in the next presidential candidate when they cast their ballot on Tuesday.

“And it is nice to see candidates crossing the state over the weekend and today. We have Ted Cruz in Peoria, Decatur and Springfield, Donald Trump was in Bloomington yesterday, Bill Clinton was in Peoria on Friday and Hillary Clinton is in Springfield tonight. We are getting a lot of enthusiasm out there and I feel that is good for voters and good for democracy.”

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