Lake Jacksonville bathrooms and Nichols Park Gazebo to undergo improvements

By Ryne Turke on July 15, 2015 at 9:10am

The City of Jacksonville has accepted an engineering agreement with Benton & Associates to modify and improve two locations in the city.

The resolutions, which focus on the Lake Jacksonville bathrooms and the Nichols Park Gazebo, were reviewed during the City Council meeting on Monday.

Alderwoman Marcy Patterson says improving the bathrooms at Lake Jacksonville has been “in the works for quite some time.”

“We approved $150,000 in the general fund a couple years ago to update the shower houses. That has not been done. It got behind and was put off,” says Patterson.

“What we did here was improve the money for Benton and Associates to write the plan. That way we can replace the shower house, make it handicap accessible and give the people camping in town a place to take a shower.”

Patterson says this is an important improvement for the city.

She highlights the current concerns with the Nichols Park Gazebo, which include termite and structural damage. She feels putting the construction issues in the hands of Benton & Associates is the best way to preserve the structure’s historical significance.

“This was a proposal from Benton & Associates to put together that plan. Then we can reach out to the Parks Foundation to see where we go from here. We could do it with volunteers or park financing,” says Patterson.

Patterson hopes to have estimates from Benton and Associates for both projects by the end of the summer.