Lawyers for IC considering appeal in wrongful death verdict

By Gary Scott on May 15, 2018 at 6:46am

There could be more time in the courtroom for the wrongful death lawsuit between the mother of a former Grinnell track athlete and a local college following last week’s verdict.

Attorneys for Illinois College, as well as the Litania Sports Group, are weighting their options when it comes to potentially appealing the jury’s decision in the lawsuit that wrapped up late last week. In that verdict, the jury awarded $2.5 million dollars with a 50 percent reduction to Sandra Giger, the mother of Grinnell College pole vaulter Robert Yin, who died in 2010 after sustaining injuries at an Illinois College track meet.

After Friday’s verdict came in, it was determined that the $1.25 million dollars owed to Giger would be split 60-40 between Illinois College and Litania respectively, meaning IC would be responsible for paying $750-thousand dollars, and Litania $500-thousand dollars of the $1.25 million dollar total.

Attorney David Mueller, lead counsel for Cassidy & Mueller, P.C., represented Illinois College in this case. According to Illinois College’s Communications Department, Mueller released a statement regarding where things might go next with this trial. In his statement, Mueller says, ““We believe the expert evidence presented at trial demonstrated that Illinois College was in full compliance with applicable NCAA standards and we will recommend an appeal.”