Less than 600 DREAMS ticket remaining

By Ryne Turke on August 8, 2016 at 12:44pm

Routt/Our Saviour DREAMS tickets are selling at a record pace.

DREAMS Chairman Courtney Bonjean says the 559 tickets remaining is the the best start in the committee’s 23 year history.

Bonjean explains why the DREAMS drawing is off to such a hot start.

“The word is getting out in the community. We have a lot of alumni who sell to their family and friends, both within the community and outside. We also continue to add new ticket agents as we have new kindergarten classes or new families join. We ask them if they would be willing to be a ticket agent. Just adding those additional agents helps the process.”

Bonjean says funds brought in from the DREAMS tickets goes straight to Routt and Our Saviour.

“To provide tuition assistance, costs of textbooks and technology. We give each school $110,000. If we have any extra we then let the principals of each school earmark the funds we are able to give to the schools,” says Bonjean.

Tickets are being sold online not only in Illinois, but the east and west coasts.

Up until 2013, the DREAMS drawing consisted of 4,000 tickets, compared to the current 4,200 tickets being sold.

Go online to rchsossdreams.com to purchase a ticket.