LLCC, Cass County Officials Look For Ways to Boost Enrollment at Beardstown LLCC Campus

By Benjamin Cox on September 16, 2022 at 7:48am

Stakeholders in Lincoln Land Community College in Cass County are coming together to explore ways to boost enrollment at the satellite campus in Beardstown.

According to the Cass County Star-Gazette, Cass County Board Chairman Michael Barnett recently met with Lincoln Land President Dr. Charlotte Warren and several other LLCC officials to discuss the center’s declining student enrollment and costs. Barnett’s report to the board was that the center offered 8 Fall classes but had only 16 students apply for classes causing none of the classes to officially make.

In email communication yesterday with WLDS News, LLCC Chief Communication Officer Lynn Whalen says that the college is seeing a pattern of Beardstown area students taking various classes at the main campus in Springfield as well as in Jacksonville, or completely going online. Whalen says LLCC is currently working to determine how to continue to best serve Beardstown students and asked for the input and assistance from local officials.

Whalen says that the center is going to remain open and continue to offer adult education classes but school officials are working on ways to determine the best options for providing college credit courses in the future.

Barnett suggested to the Cass County Board that one of their college scholarships be made just for anyone attending the Beardstown LLCC location. He also suggested bringing CNA certification courses and truck driving classes to Beardstown as other ways to attract students.