Local College Player Makes Great Play, Gets Featured on Yahoo! Sports

By Gary Scott on September 6, 2017 at 5:43pm

A local college football player has been featured on a national sports news website for an interesting play that occurred this past weekend.

Xadrian Wilkins, a senior for MacMurray College who usually plays center, was in the game for a point after attempt after a MacMurray touchdown against Rockford on Saturday.

Noah Sandoval’s kick was then blocked by a Rockford player, however, the ball landed in Wilkin’s hands and he scurried in for a two point conversion.

Wilkins takes us through the play from his point of view:

“The field goal before I had seen the D Tackle dropping back trying to block the kick, so I was going to really lunge at him, but instead I just stood my ground. I happened to look up and see him block the kick. The ball came into my hand and If you saw the play you can see that I was just shocked that I caught the ball. Right when I caught it, I just heard run and just trucked it into the endzone.”

He tells us how he felt making the play, which almost never even had the chance of happening:

“It’s a good feeling of course, been working hard, and I guess I was in the right place at the right time because a couple of days before that they had talked about taking me off of PAT because I play center and they wanted to get me off the field. But they kept me on the field, so I guess it was like a sign that I needed to catch that ball that day. And it gave us the momentum because we would be down 13 to 14 if I don’t catch that. So, It’s a good feeling, I feel good about it.”

MacMurray will take on Martin Luther this weekend, and while we don’t expect any more unorthodox plays like this one, anything is possible. So, make sure to go see Mac vs Martin Luther at 1PM at MacMurray College this Saturday or tune in tow WLDS 1180 to listen live.

To see the video of this play, as well as the article on Yahoo!, by clicking here.